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Upstream process

High Performance Steam Reformer

Emergency flare
Ash container
Ash conveyor
Electric cabinet
Gas blower
Gas scrubber
Steam generator
Gas filter
Secondary reformer
Primary reformer
Fuel extruder
Hydraulic press
Fuel conveyor
Fuel day hopper
Moving floor

* The image is purely indicative with the scope of showing the components sequences. The plant differs in size.

High Performance Steam Reformer

Modular fuel flexible steam reforming system, an upstream for a clean low tar syngas production ready for downstream applications.
The system is based on a steam autothermal reformer with high temperature cracking, high efficiency heat exchange, dry cleaning, filters and cooling.

Our Competitive Advantage

Fuel flexible

Unlike traditional downdraft, crossdraft or fluidized bed technologies, the developed technology provides a high flexibility of carbon-based incoming fuels.

Easy to install

The systems are supplied with a prefabricated modular system for quick and easy installation.


Due to the high yields, it allows a quick return on investment.

Low tar syngas

The syngas produced has a minimum content of tars, optimal for generation with endothermic engines, made reliable and efficient by the fuel supplied.

Plug-in ready

suitable for different downstream applications.

A clean syngas for a green fuel production

The syngas is a fuel mainly composed of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2), with the presence in variable quantities of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
The SyngasCube solution converts any carbonaceous material into clean syngas, which can be used as a fuel to generate electricity, or as the basis for a large number of products in the petrochemical industry such as hydrogen, methanol, diesel, ammonia.