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Founded in 2020, it originates from the synergy of its founders and their over 30 years long experience in district heating, gas distribution and eco-sustainable management of forest assets with the production of biomass-based fuels.


The future of the next generations is in our hands.

Let’s make it better for us, but above all let’s do it for them.

The customers come first: we follow them step by step to confirm the expectations.
We are committed to guaranteeing constant standards of excellence over time.
We are strong team players, valuing and respecting everyone’s individuality.

We contribute to building new models of energy efficiency localized to communities and civil and industrial ecosystems.
Let’s clean up the world and build a new vision of sustainable energy.


The R&D team is always looking for cutting-edge solutions:

thanks to the acquisition of CO2 capture licenses, it designs innovative and performing systems to win the challenge of negative carbon dioxide emissions.


Our vision is a hydrogen powered future.

For us, respect for the environment is a lifestyle.
We limit our CO2 emissions in many ways and heat our headquarter with renewable energy.

We are constantly looking for eco-friendly solutions to drive our business.